The Brooksby Family


Published by Wreake Valley Community College for the Frisby-on-the-Wreake Historical Society, August 1979. Printed at County Hall, Glenfield, Leicester.

This is an incomplete transciption of a printed work published in 1979. The book has been in the family since the great family meeting weekend in the summer of that year. I intend to complete the transcription when I have access to a scanner and some OCR software. Richard Brooksby 1997-05-08


  1. Introduction
  2. The Old Family
  3. Brokesby of Shoby
  4. Brooksby of Mountsorrel
  5. Brooksby of Stoke Golding
  6. Brooksby of Falkirk ("Sergeant Thomas")
  7. Brooksby of Deal
  8. Brooksby of Northamptonshire, Australia, and America

Simplified Family Trees



  1. Brooksby and Leicester (20kB)
  2. Leicestershire, including Mountsorrel, Stoke Golding, and Shoby (21kB)
  3. Deal and Kent
  4. Northampton, Coventry, Kettering, and Leicester
  5. 18th Century Kettering

Text and family trees by Emmeline Garnett. Illustrations by R. N. F. Pinfold. Transcribed to HTML by Richard Brooksby. Last updated $Date: 2005/02/10 $ by Richard Brooksby.