Brooksby Family Information

The book The Brooksby Family

The Brooksby Family is an incomplete transciption of a printed work published in 1979. The book has been in the family since the great family meeting weekend in the summer of that year. I intend to complete the transcription when I have access to a scanner and some OCR software.

The Brooksby Family Wiki

The Brooksby Family Wiki is a shared collaborative repository for information about the Brooksby Family. It is a Wiki, which means that you can edit and extend it! To get started take a look at the welcome page.

The Brooksby Family Mailing List

The mailing list is a e-mail forum for the discussion of the Brooksby family, its history, genealogy, and related topics. To join the list, go to the info page and sign up. If you're a list member, you can also browse the archives of past discussions.

The Brooksby Family community at LiveJournal

The Brooksby community is a shared weblog (or "blog") where you can post or comment on bits of family related news. You will need to sign up to LiveJournal and apply to join the community if you want to post new items, but you can comment on existing items without signing up.

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